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Why our Grow Boxes are the best


So why are our Grow Boxes the best?


grow box uk antibacterial paint hydroponicsVortex Grow Boxes specialise in Grow Box design and manufacturing we don't sell tents or other hydroponics equipment. Our Grow Boxes are medical grade. Each Grow Box is coated in anti-bacterial paint - designed for use in hospitals this paint will prevent any diseases or bacteria from lingering. Prevention is better than cure and this paint will work in an active way to guard your plants and kill 99.9 % of bacteria within 18 hours of contact. Adding to this it is durable and can be easily wiped down whilst still retaining its anti-bacterial properties which will last for years.


grow box math hydroponicsWe've done the math, We have worked out what you will need to replace the air in your setup at the correct rate to prevent nitrogen deficiencies and improve health and growth. We feature speed adjustable Fans on both our intake and our extraction. Our Fans can also be fitted with filters preventing any insect from attempting to enter - however small.

Grow Box Hinges hydroponicsThe Cabinets we use are second to none. They are wider, deeper and taller than any other Grow Box available in the UK. They are made of less pieces than other cabinets and feature a three point key lock as well as metal door hinges - not featured in other UK Cabinets. Our Grow Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, contact us for more information.


Silent Grow box sound ratingEach Grow Box is designed to be silent. We are the only UK Company to design our boxes with silence in mind. We use low noise components that feature anti-vibration technology and have low decibel (db) ratings. As an added layer to this protection we can line your box with Superfoil - designed by NASA this material works as insulation enabling a more controlled climate and also has a reflective layer that works like a mirror reflecting light back. You can be confident that even if you need to install additional pumps or other hydroponics equipment such as our NFT hydroponics kit, our Grow Boxes and cabinets will still retain their low noise ratings.

Grow Boxes - hooksUnlike other Grow Boxes all of our Grow Boxes feature fully removable components enabling you to replace and reconfigure your setup at will. You can even move the Hooks used to hang your equipment to any place you wish should you want to change your setup in the future. Our Grow Boxes are modular. Meaning you can directly connect one Vortex Grow Box to another via ducting. This means a user can add a second, third or even forth Grow Box or Grow Tent with nothing more than a light inside. The air can then be drawn through to an additional Grow Box or Grow Tent before being filtered and finally extracted away from your grow. Using our Grow Boxes in a sealed loop like this would enable you to maximise your grow space whilst still retaining a sealed and controlled environment. It also means that the expelled hot air can be reused to provide heat to another Grow Box or Tent. This can be especially useful for germination, or for example if you wanted to keep the light cycles in your boxes separate whilst maintaining a stable temperature.