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SS X3 LED Grow Light

Features - 3W High Power LEDs, X3 Lens Technology, Integrated Wiring Harnesses, Modular Build, Deepest Penetration, Massive Heat Sinks, Power-Connect, Lowest Maintenance Cost, Highest Efficiency.
Choose your Light from the X3 Range

About the X3 Series

Originally known as the Penetrator Series, it was re-named Extreme with the invention of the X-Lens in 2011. X3 delivers the same earth-shattering performance you've grown to love in a brand new, more efficient package. Every world record ever set with a Hydro Grow light was with the X-Series in the hands of growers like you.

Aside from being the 3rd iteration of our Extreme platform, the 336X-PRO (now 84X-4) delivers the same PAR output at 6' from the fixture as a 1000W HPS at 4' away! This gives you 2' deeper light penetration than HPS. So when you want at the very least double the yield compared to your HID, X3 is your champion.

Building X3 From the LED UP

Grow Box UK LED X3 Light LensBuilding the baddest grow light on earth starts with the best LEDs. To buy the best LEDs we had to engineer and create new testing equipment that previously didn't exist. In 2014 Hydro Grow developed the world's first integrating sphere for testing the umol output of individual LEDs. What we discovered is that more lumen output does not equal more PAR output.
So we re-designed X3 from the LED up, starting with the highest umol output LEDs from around the globe. We then re-calibrated our spectrum to deliver a true 10% blue, 15% green and 75% red mix of light, which creates a "white" light to human eyes. There is a reason our X platform has not lost a single grow competition since 2011 - no one else has the technology to match Hydro Grow's engineering and development team.

Deepest Penetration, Period.

Grow Box UK X3 LED Light PanelIn 2011 Hydro Grow released the first X-Lens to the world, taking the LED industry by storm with the deepest penetration on earth. Now it's 2016 and we're back again with the X3 lens.

LEDs continue to get more and more powerful each year, but there is a limit to how much PAR a plant can absorb. For this reason we have widened the viewing angle on the new X3 lens, allowing for more coverage with the same blinding intensity as X2


X3 LED Grow Light Specifications Chart

Grow Box UK LED Light SS X3 bar Models