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  • Vortex LED Grow Box Large - X Series

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Penetrator 84x 150w LED Light


The Penetrator 84X is the most powerful 150W LED grow light in the world and the future of your indoor garden. Designed for the maximum yield gardener who demands the highest performance and reliability. Featuring our most powerful X3 lensing technology. Holder of 2 World Records, the 84X is the best bang for your buck in the LED industry.

Loaded with our NASA-Proven G4 spectrum and the Highest PAR per watt LEDs in the world, nothing gives you higher yields in less time and thanks to our intelligent engineering with modular build design it's the easiest light on the market to upgrade over the years with newer LEDs and lenses.



Power: 150W
Coverage: Up to 2′ x 2′ (refer to PAR download)
LEDs: 84pcs High Power 3W
Spectrum: 440, 470, 525, 640, 660, 740
Ratios: 10% Blue, 15% Green, 75% Red
Dimensions: 12″ L, 12″W, 2.75″H
Weight: 12lbs
Input Voltage: 110-280V
Amps: 1.3A@110V, 0.6A @ 220V
Operating Temp: 90°-105°F